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Rhode Island Seascape Photography Workshop by Ed King & New Print Available

I will be conducting a seascape photography workshop soon for the members of the Photographic Society of Rhode Island, by the way PSRI is a great group of camera enthusiast of all skill levels and an exceptional group to be a part of with so many opportunities to enhance your photographic skills while having fun. This will be my first workshop and I look forward to sharing my passion for the sea as well as my love of photography. I’ll be covering several aspects from composition to light as well as my use of filters and post processing the final images. Rhode Island is such a beautiful place, seascape photography seems only right for a state known as the “Ocean State”.

As I finalize my presentation it was important for me to pick a spot that would be fairly safe for all ages and ability levels, due to the nature of the coast it is hard to eliminate all danger which has had me thinking. I feel so comfortable up close to the action and for some onlookers it may seem like I’m lost in my own world. The rhythmic pounding of the surf combined with the low light does have a way of soothing the soul, but in all honesty I try very hard to be aware of my surroundings when photographing the Rhode Island shore. The slip and fall dangers are everywhere and it only takes one second of not watching an incoming wave to be swept off the rocks and into a churning sea, a subject so beautiful if not treated with respect can become one heck of a nightmare. I cringe every year when I read of someone swept off the rocks and understand how someone can feel a false sense of security.

This shot in particular was taken along the Newport, Rhode Island shore, a very dramatic stretch of coastline visited by many who don’t always acknowledge the danger. I was set-up for the shot and just off to my left were a few fisherman set-up for what looked like a long evening. The waves were fairly calm but where the jagged rocks reached out to the ocean waves pounded like thunder and reached heights well over their heads. I loved this particular composition and selectively waited for the right time to set-up, as I would see the waves build I would backup and wait for the right moment to return. The fisherman weren’t as aware of the surroundings and continued to be pounded and drenched by rogue waves, as I packed up I had hoped they were going to move out of the surf-line but they still continued on with that “False Sense of Security”


Ocean Drive Newport, Rhode Island

False Sense of Security

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“Leading Edge” Bristol Harbor by Rhode Island Seascape Photographer Ed King

“Leading Edge” was captured across Bristol Harbor in Bristol, Rhode Island. On this particular evening I set out to try and train myself that not every shot has to be of a dramatic colorful sunrise or sunset. There is some great emotion to be captured even when the weather looks doubtful and half the battle is getting yourself out there for the right light and conditions. This image will be available for print sales in my online gallery, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or need further information regarding this or any other of my images.

Leading Edge by Rhode Island Photographer Ed King

Ed King is a Rhode Island based Seascape Photographer specializing in Seascape Images which capture the excitement and drama of the New England coastline.


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