New England Photography Workshops

Passion, Vision & Creativity – New England Photography Workshops

Thank you for your interest in my New England seascape and landscape photography workshops, I hope I have a chance to introduce you to new areas to photograph and provide a creative foundation to grow within your own photographic aspirations.

The Keeper (nowatermark)

After deciding to start my own fine art photography and freelance photography business I quickly realized how much I enjoy sharing my passion and love of photography with others. I have had many inquiries about personalized one on one workshops, New England photography guide services and group workshops which has led to the creation of a series of New England Photography workshops.

Photography workshop goals
Develop your eye for composition

Covering the basics of ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture

Understanding and Interrupting Light

Exploring New England

Processing your vision

The main goal of my New England photography workshops is to provide an affordable, fun, personal and a constructive experience to lessen the learning curve with producing beautiful seascape and landscape photographs.

Please feel free to contact me for more information as my photography workshops schedule develops and be sure to sign-up for my monthly newsletter which will have regularly updated information.