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Finding your voice and photo blogging in 2014

So you’re thinking of seriously photo blogging in 2014? One of my recent posts about buying art online from independent artists generated more than a few email inquiries from fellow photographers looking to take a more serious approach to photo blogging in 2014. I’ve started to see more of a trend on social media outlets […]

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Collaborating artists achieving vision and inspiration with New England Art

A vision and inspiration with art, the collaboration of New England art with myself and painter Barbara Andrews This past year I had the opportunity to meet and speak with New Hampshire painter and mural artist Barbara Andrews. Barbara is a well established New England artist and has been following my fine art photography for […]

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Do you see the light in everything you do

Seeing the light whether it is art, business and life Looking into a dark space you see nothing but visualize everything – do you see the light in everything you do? No matter what we do in life it’s important to see the light and to visualize and dream of the right path of discovery. […]

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Remember me for more than my footprints – The power of art

Can you feel a connection through the power of art? Art has a tremendous and power connection to the soul, beautiful imagery can have an uplifting impact on your daily life if you can let yourself connect and relate. Did you know that art is used and widely practiced by many professional therapists? The power […]

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What camera do I need for seascape photography?

The best camera is the one that you have with you A common question I get from time to time is what camera do I need for seascape photography? Although the best camera is the one that you have with you, in reality you do need some thought about photography equipment if you plan to […]

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Landscape Photography – Tugging at heart strings through photographs

Landscape photography and conveying that you should have been here kinda feeling My first blog post of 2014 has me thinking more about where my landscape photography has taken me and where I want to go with it as I move forward. I received quite a bit of inquiries over the past year on my […]

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Snowy owls in New England – Another beautiful sighting in Westport, MA

Snowy owls are spreading their wings across New England and you don’t have to go very far to see these long distance travelers Snowy owls are just about everywhere now in New England, as I mentioned in my blog post a week a go you can spot Snowy owls in all of the New England […]

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Seascapes in Black and White – Pulling Stones a fine art seascape print

Capturing seascapes in black and white was all about the mood, contrast and texture on this dreary Sunday morning I headed out this morning to Westport, Massachusetts and even though it was a cloudy and damp morning, it seemed to work out well for photographing seascapes in black and white. The one important factor and […]

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New England charm reflected in these boat art prints

Boat Art Prints – A mission, passion or obsession This week I put together a collection of boat art prints that a client had selected; these prints will be placed in a doctor’s office out of the New England area. Since the doc has ties to New England he thought they would add a nice […]

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What is art photography? Do you have your own ideas?

Art photography is all about connecting three key elements together and achieving one goal Recently I had an inquiry about a photography workshop, I’ve given a few private workshops, one larger presentation & workshop here in Rhode Island, it has never been something I put together on a regular basis. This had me thinking,  my […]

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