Art comes to the beach – Revere Beach National Sand Sculpting Contest

Sand art taken to a new level at the Revere Beach National Sand Sculpting Contest – Not your average sand castle

Art comes to the beach – Revere Beach National Sand Sculpting Contest, Travel, Massachusetts Events

As a New England’er I have heard the buzz and talk regarding the Revere Beach National Sand Sculpting Contest and Festival; but until now I have never had the opportunity to attend. In all honesty I didn’t have plans to attend the event and I actually stumbled on it by accident, I am so glad I did because I will be going back again next year.

As I drove home from Salem, Massachusetts after photographing the sunrise I followed the coastline of the North Shore of Massachusetts, I took a ride by Revere beach . I was in complete awe as I saw these colossal mounds of artistic Revere Beach National Sand Sculpting Contest, Visit Massachusetts, Beach Artsand creations being transformed before my very eyes, I just had to hit the brakes and pull over.

Revere Beach is just a quick drive or train ride from Boston and easy accessible from all directions within New England via route 93 and route 1.

This crescent shaped beach offers breathtaking views of Massachusetts Bay and is a total of 3 miles in length, prime real-estate for the Boston area residents to enjoy the surf, sun and sand at America’s oldest public beach.

Revere Beach National Sand Sculpting Contest 2014

The National Sand Sculpting Contest at Revere beach is actually an annual event in its 11th year and attracts sand sculpting artists from all over globe. The talent us unbelievable and if you’re like me, you know as a child how difficult a basic sand castle can be to create never mind transforming an artist’s vision into sand art.

This year Rusty Croft from Carmel, California was named the winner, Rusty’s sculpture is of the human eye and definitely a crowd favorite with his sculpting mastery. Jonathan Bouchard who took second place was the winner of the 2013 Revere Beach National Sand Sculpting Contest.

Rusty Croft The Human Eye - Sand Art

My personal favorite “Time is running out” was created by Pavel Myinikov, Pavel is from Moscow Russia and a five time world champion.

As I walked along the beach this early morning it gave me plenty of time to say hello to the artists as well as take a few pictures without any crowds. I was so impressed with the sand art I made a return trip on Sunday night,  the last day of the festival. As I walked around the beach with thousands of others as equally impressed I listened to a live band, enjoyed the aroma of countless food trucks, amusement rides and the high energy of the top notch family friendly festival.

Sand Art = Beach Art - Travel Photography - New England Event Photography

Helena Bangert – Netherlands

I have already set my calendar to be on the lookout for next summer and whether you are a New England resident or visiting Massachusetts I highly recommend this event as a summer “must see”.

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