The land of photography – The clash of an introvert and extrovert

Embracing the clash of an introvert and extrovert for unique and creative work

I’ve been thinking of writing this blog post as it relates to my own work, passions, struggles and success; as a Gemini I’m a thinker and I not only think of my own work but how it relates to the world around me.

I’ve been looking deep into my own thoughts and growth within photography and I’ve taken a deep look at how photography has changed my life.

The part that fascinate me with photography is that photographers in general are some of the most outgoing, sharing and social people I have met to date. I’d say from my own experiences it has helped me grow a valuable network filled with camaraderie, education and friendship. Based on my own experiences close to all the photographers I have come in contact with would be classified as extroverts if you would have to put a label on them.

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Creative Fine Art – Bronx Zoo

Then again most of the photographers including myself crawl back into the solitude of thought, emotion and self-creativity just as fast as they rolled out the welcome wagon. This is where the clash of the introvert and extrovert happens; I personally think this is the epicenter of where being a creative thinker begins to develop and where you sculpt a unique persona reflected in ones work.

Photographers and especially the photographer who chooses to indulge in the creative thought process will find alone time either in front of a computer tapping into a world they don’t see but envision the most rewarding time.

You could also be like me and enjoy the camaraderie of shooting with friends but as you indulge deeper in your work tunnel visions begins as you stand behind your tripod, the world goes quiet and you become lost in a world you imagine and want to create.

The cycle repeats and just as quick as you jumped into that world of solitude and self-reflection, you’ll be jumping back out in full force to share what you have created in your world – The world of expressing yourself through creativity and art – The reward of embracing the clash of an introvert and extrovert.

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  1. Michelle Quillin June 23, 2014 at 11:35 am #

    I think you’ve hit on the personality of most creatives, Ed! At least the ones I know. When they’re around people, they SEEM to be extroverts, but then they have to retreat, recharge, and create – and that process requires ample amounts of solitude.

    I would go insane without plenty of time to be completely alone, without a soul around. But like you, I also love to be around people and connect.
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    • Ed King June 26, 2014 at 6:53 am #

      Thanks for the comment Michelle, its striking that balance that seems to be most important to me. I do know when I lack creativity there is a huge void in me and I crave and starve for new work, the bright side lack of creativity almost always seems to be followed by motivation and growth so I’m not always scared to get stale from time to time.
      Ed King recently posted…The land of photography – The clash of an introvert and extrovertMy Profile

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