Franklin Park Zoo Boston, MA – Creative Zoo Photography

Creative Zoo Photography at the Franklin Park Zoo

This past weekend I had the chance to head off to Franklin Park Zoo in Boston, Massachusetts. This excursion was just wanted I needed to jump start my creative thinking and spend some quality time with my daughter.

I’ve had the thought of working on animal prints using a process that includes multiple layers and textures in Photoshop. This process is not unique to me and I actually have fallen in love with the captured images of the Bronx Zoo and the textured flower prints by Alan Shapiro.

This most definitely is in the early stages of learning for me but with the warmer weather approaching I am looking forward to working on some creative zoo photography prints. Actually zoos offer a great opportunity to photographers that cannot spend the time or money on trips photographing animals in the wild.

Creative Zoo Photography - Franklin Park Zoo Western Lowland Gorillas

Franklin Park Zoo Western Lowland Gorillas

Although the Franklin Park Zoo is packed with animals of all shapes and sizes, the two of us as usual were in awe of the western lowland gorilla exhibit. I knew right away this would be the place magic would happen, the exhibit has five glass viewing stations allowing visitors to a unique and inspiring experience into the lives of the western lowland gorillas in captivity.

It didn’t take very long for the gorilla’s to notice us and we had multiple opportunities for eye contact; you can just feel the intelligence with every glance. One of the gorillas actually came up to the viewing station and sat with her back to us, she would occasionally glance to see if we were looking away and then we would catch her looking at us, when we would turn back around and she would look off in the opposite direction.

Gorilla Exhibit Franklin Park Zoo

Gorilla Exhibit Franklin Park Zoo

Creative Zoo Photography - Animal Art

Black and White Gorilla Fine Art

I was really happy and inspired to spend some time photographing the gorillas at the Franklin Park Zoo and anxious to work on some of the creative zoo photography prints I had envisioned.

If you happen to be in the New England area be sure to check out the Franklin Park Zoo in Boston, Massachusetts you surely will not be disappointed.

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  1. Gail Omalley April 18, 2014 at 9:04 am #

    Hi! I’m a volunteer at the zoo. Thanks so much for the wonderful images of my gorilla friends! In case you wanted to know, the mother and daughter in the top picture are Kiki and Kambiri (age 3), and the beautiful old girl in the bottom two pictures is Gigi, our oldest, at 41 years. The pictures are great and really capture the beauty of our girls.

  2. Bob Dansereau April 19, 2014 at 1:31 pm #

    Love these images, Ed. Roger William’s Zoo has “sunset tours” in the the summer. I believe they take place through the month of July. I missed it last year but if they do that again this year I’m definitely going. I’m thinking the low sunlight could present some great photo-ops :-)

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