I walk this path alone – Winter Fine Art Photo

Chasing the winter fine art photo

“This path I walk alone” winter fine art photo

2014 will go down for me like the winter that never ends; actually last year I felt was more extreme since we had lost power for several days during a blizzard.

Although the terms polar vortex and extreme wind chill seems to be the common phrases tossed around by weather forecasters I still find myself packing up my gear in the darkness of the night and chasing the winter fine art photo I envision.

It seems every year I set my focus on one shot that sums up what I’m feeling through the winter, last year my print “lost in March” did it for me. This year I feel this particular fine art print “This path I walk alone” will be the one.

Rhode Island Seascape - Fine Art Winter Photo

On this path I walk alone – Winter Fine Art Photo

The morning light whether in the heat of the summer or in the bone chilling wind of winter, is always a time for reflection. A time when I focus on my work and thoughts that drive my passion for what I do.

The footprints in the snow reflect the solitude of the morning, walking a dark path to see the light of day; somehow this can reflect life and business too. I guess that is how as artists we build a connection and see things within our work that digs deep within us.

Although this location is new to me, the rocky cliffs and view of the Newport Bridge is something of an iconic location with photographers. Although pictured thousands of times over I have yet to come across a fine art print as unique, isn’t that what art and photography is all about?

We always hear business consultants say “your business in not about you” but rather about the customer. I beg to differ when it comes to art work, it is about the artist finding his or her own personal connection, telling the story they feel through words, photographs or paintings. It’s about bridging that gap between artists and art buyer, a common bond of a visual connection that touches the soul in one way or another, both realizing sometimes it is more than just a pretty picture.

“I walk this path alone” fine art print was photographed in Jamestown, Rhode Island and available in various fine art metallic print sizes as well being offered as a canvas gallery wrap, fine art print.

Thank you for taking a look and as always I appreciate you sharing my love for photography.


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  1. moondustwriter February 25, 2014 at 12:51 pm #

    beautiful story in this winterscape

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