Seascape Wall Decor – The abstract of winter

Seascape wall decor – The abstract of winter

I have wanted to create a large abstract by the sea for both my personal collection and to offer as a fine art abstract print here on my site.

I’ve been working on a shot like this for a few months; it hasn’t been for the lack of trying I just didn’t capture the light, motion and tonal range I was looking for.

Finally a few weeks ago everything came together and after going back and forth I decided my vision quest is over, for now anyway.

Abstract of Winter - Seascape Wall Decor

Abstract of Winter – Seascape Wall Decor

Abstract of Winter (1 of 1).jpg

Now generally with photography we view camera movement as something that is to be avoided but to produce this artwork I used a technique called ICM or intentional camera movement. ICM can be produced by panning the camera left to right or right to left with a longer exposure. Keeping the camera straight for me is critical and I had my camera mounted on my tripod as I snapped several shots of the scene panning across the horizon.

I was interested in a palate of colors ranging from light pastel blues, light greens and darker blue tones. I also knew I wanted to incorporate a forming wave, for me it’s an abstract representation of my seascape photography and for my own personal touch it makes the picture.

Now to obtain that longer exposure you either need to work in low light or with the use of a neutral density filter. Since I wanted to capture light pastel tones I worked the light just after sunrise and used a full 3 stop neutral density filter by Lee Filters.

Camera details ISO 100 – f/8 – 1/20 of a second

Location – Sachuest Point Middletown, Rhode Island

You can find this and other seascape wall décor fine art prints here on my site, image licensing is available and please feel free to contact me for any special sizes need for both digital and print photographs.

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