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Museums on Us – Exploring the Boston Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts

This past weekend I took advantage of the Bank of America “Museums on Us” perk offered to Bank of America Customers. Now if you are looking to take advantage of free admission to some of the best museums and you are a Bank of America customer you’re going to want to give it a shot.

“Museums on Us” is offered the first weekend of the month, present your picture ID and your Bank of America card and you have free access to the museum.

Over 150 Museums nationwide for you to explore

Boston Museum of Fine Arts - Stairway to the Light by Ed King

Stairway to the Light by Ed King

“I was just amazed with the wide range of historical and modern works of art available for viewing”

Rembrandt_Harmensz._van_Rijn_-_Christ_Crucified_Between_the_Two_Thieves_(-The_Three_Crosses-)_-_Google_Art_ProjectOne of my favorite exhibits was Rembrandt the Etcher, from rough sketches to highly detailed overlaying compositions these etchings were as beautiful as they are unique. Etching as a printmaking medium emerged around the 16th century but the creative potential was unleashed around 1630 just around the time of Rembrandt’s work.

Although the entire museum offered up something interesting to investigate around each and every corner; I found the Egyptian exhibits and art to be right up my alley and something I have always had a big interest in.

Seeing these artifacts with the incredible detail based on their age was just amazing, and I definitely need to head back again because there just wasn’t enough time.

Be sure to check out the Mummies exhibit in Gallery 109 if you make you way to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, you won’t be let down with the amount of Egyptian artifacts under this one roof.

Mummies Boston Museum of Fine Arts

I found myself drawn to one piece of art in the Contemporary Gallery, so much so I could have photographed this for hours.  A play with reflections, light and glass bottles pulled me back each time I started to walk away, again and again I found myself composing different shots as almost creating art from art.

Bottoms up - Fine Art Print

Bottoms up – Fine Art Print

The Looking Glass - Fine Art Print

The Looking Glass – Fine Art Print

What do you think? Although this photograph was taken through a glass case I love the abstract feel and the tonal range it presents, I’m really looking forward to making this a gallery wrap print.


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  1. Bob Dansereau February 7, 2014 at 6:52 am #

    I love the “glass” work but particularly love “Stairway to the Light”. Many people don’t realize how technically difficult high-key images can be to produce. Unlike color and black & white treatments that are sometimes after-thoughts, I’ve found exceptional, well-executed high-key photos are best when truly envisioned before the image is captured. The photographer’s “vision” becomes apparent in the final image and is a mark of a true artist. Very nice.

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