How music influences my seascape art prints

Bringing my seascape art prints to life through music

Now I know some photographers who can listen to music while shooting, for me I find the need for the utmost concentration while working on my seascape prints. While photographing the sea, which at times can be dangerous, there are so many elements to focus on such as light, composition, shutter speed and of course the water and waves. I’ve already lost on camera due to my lack of attention and I learned an expensive lesson to stay focused, stay alert and be conscious of my surroundings.

My photographic art continues to develop but also my taste of music has evolved and expanded to include genres of music I once thought I would never feel the urge to discover.

Just Wait - Seascape Art PrintsAs of recently it was recommended that I pass along the music of Deva Premal to my step-father, he is dealing with stage 4 lung cancer and my client thought her music would be a nice way for him to relax and find inner peace during the healing stages of chemo therapy.

The very first night he listened to Gayatri Mantra by Deva Premal he experienced his first full night sleep in months. My mother curious herself purchased a pair of  quality noise canceling set of headphones and she herself found the music very relaxing and soothing, so much so that it felt like a calm meditative state. Since my mother knows my seascape art has always been something I deemed as relaxing, soothing and my form of meditation she thought I would enjoy it as well.

The soothing sounds of mantra I feel has expanded my own personal creativity and I’ve been listening now not only when I process my work but also at time when I feel the need to just relax and re-leave the stresses of the work day.

As a kid I was influenced by my uncles and was brought up with rock and classic rock, as a teenager I listened to rap during the mid 80’s and attended concerts including the Beastie Boys, RUN DMC, Public Enemy and others.

Play Me a Song - Fine Art Music Photography

Play Me a Song – Fine Art Music Photography

Now with the help of Pandora I still listen to those artists occasionally but you can also find me listening to a piano solo and other relaxing music including symphonies and many other classic instrumental solos. My photography and possibly maturity has helped me develop a wide range in musical acceptance and understanding, all of which plays some role in the final outcome and processing of my seascape art prints.


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