The journey through life embeds memories in our mind and photographs rekindle that memory

Our minds are a memory vault and our photographs are the key

Life is a journey that embeds memories and sometimes those memories are filled with challenge, excitement, laughter, sadness  and obstacles, learning to preserve these moments through photography helps bring those memories back to life.

Since my kids were young I’ve always had some sort of camera and video camera near my side, this was before I thought of professionally selling artwork or working as a photographer. Matter of fact we were just watching some of my video skills the other night when my daughter came across an old video of a trip to Disney.That was exactly when it hit me that the journey through life embeds memories and it is the visual elements that bring them back to the surface.

A few weekends ago I headed off on a Sunday morning to photograph Enders Falls in Granby, CT; I coaxed my friends Sal and Bob who are both photographers to venture out with me. Although we are focused when it comes to photography and capturing a vision, the camaraderie and support make the journey just as important as the images we capture.

Snowy Waterfall - Black and White Landscape - Enders Falls - Granby CT

Snowy Waterfall – Black and White Landscape – Enders Falls – Granby CT

As a photographer who spent much of his time isolated within my work I have found an interest in sharing these times with like minded friends and photographers. This is one of the reasons I have sought to do some beginner and intermediate photography workshops in the near future, one for giving back and two for connecting with those who share the same passions.

Here are a few photographs for me to rekindle those memories of the day, on this morning I wasn’t as excited about my fine art prints compared to capturing the fun and friendship along the way.

Here is a shot of my friend Bob hiking back to the parking lot after he tested the water temperature in the flowing river. The funny thing was Bob mentioned to us he was laughing inside because his boots seemed better suited for the wet weather yet he was the one who ended up in the river. I don’t think I have laughed that hard in a long time and even on the ride back home we found things to crackup about.

Capturing memories

Photographing Friends

Here is a shot of Sal, I met Sale a year or so ago when I was giving a workshop at the Photographic Society of Rhode Island. Sal was unable to attend but reached out to me for some personal instruction, we ended up hitting it off and have been shooting together for the past year. I love Sal’s thoughts on his own photography; his most important goal is to keep it fun and doesn’t want to tarnish that by crossing the line into a business. Although I think both can be achieved I totally understand where Sal is coming from and for many it’s a delicate balance of living a dream.

Capturing Memories

The goal of the day was to photograph a place called Enders falls in Granby, CT. I have already photographed the falls last year and wanted to try my luck at some black and white winter photographs. The brown stick season here in New England is pretty bland and figured a black and white would provide a nice look to a gray and snowy morning. A cold flowing river and rocks covered in slick ice made an interesting scramble down to the water. All in all the journey and sharing it with friends was well worth the morning, and I’ll plan to photograph the falls again soon.

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