Original wall art with seascape photographic prints – Can you feel the power?

Are you looking to create a statement with your wall art? Immerse yourself in the power of the sea

Many people like yourself look online for artists because you’re looking for something original when it comes to wall art. Wall art is a representation of what we like, what we feel and what we want portray whether it is confidence, power, energy or tranquility.

These are the same emotions that run through my head when I’m working on a personal project or one that will be included in my artwork for sale online.

The same applies to social media, with a sea of images online what ones will you click on for a closer look? It’s the one you feel some sort of connection with.

Original Wall Art - Rushing Tide - Black Point Narragansett Rhode Island

Original Wall Art – Rushing Tide – Black Point Narragansett Rhode Island

I recently finished a new wall art print called “Rushing Tide” from Black Point in Narragansett, Rhode Island. This original wall art print portrays confidence, power, and energy. Even with the conditions that were presented to me on that particular morning with the raging sea, I still feel a sense of tranquility and can almost feel the sea spray and hear that rushing water pushing through the stones along the shore as I view this print.

It’s funny, like I do when I return from a morning shoot I usually like to send one image off to my social networks. Now from that point I cultivate my work and step back from the monitor and try to get a feel of how this would look as artwork in a home or office. I may do this for 30 to 50 shots from each shoot and the one or two images that I connect with are the ones that I will offer for sale online.

Just like my seascape photography work, the progression in selecting and grading my work has developed in a thought provoking process as well. For newer photographers when they see artwork online they may think “this guy doesn’t take a bad picture”?

It’s not that I don’t ever take a bad picture it’s that I developed a mindset to focus on the images that I personally connect with, I think this is just as important as learning your camera skills.

You can find this print and other seascape original art here in my site, all my prints are available as fine art prints and fine art gallery wrap wall ready art, please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.


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