A golden glow of Point Judith Lighthouse – Lighthouse Photography Art

A beacon of inspiration, strength standing the test of time – Point Judith Lighthouse

Lighthouse photography art is something I cherish about living in New England, there is just something about these majestic nautical beacons that I find a big attraction to. Living in Rhode Island I feel lucky to have such a beautiful coastline to use as my muse and with several lighthouse all within close driving distance I never seem to run out of compositions.

If you love lighthouse history and photographs as much as I do you might also be interested in a blog post I wrote about Rhode Island Lighthouses, I’m amazed at the number of lighthouses that stood tall guiding sailors through our bays, inlets and ocean waters.

This particular lighthouse print is one that I have been saving in my archives for a cold winter stretch like we have been experiencing here in Rhode Island right now. Although I do add work towards my fine art prints during the winter, these bones aren’t getting any younger (though I feel 18) and when the windchill is well below zero and the skies are not producing what I envision I know its best to stay inside where it is warm and toasty.

Point Judith Lighthouse - Lighthouse Photography Art

Golden glow Point Judith Lighthouse – Lighthouse Art

There is a real nice site I also use to learn more about New England Lighthouses, New England Lighthouses : A virtual guide has pages packed with detailed information on the whereabouts of New England Lighthouses including the historic facts and structural details some will find interesting. This is a site I use as a guide not only for my adventures in photograph but also for my own personal knowledge and education.

Point Judith is where the lighthouse is located and is actually a section of Narragansett, Rhode Island; Narragansett is locally known for its beaches, restaurants, fishing and entertainment during the summer months. Narragansett is a great place for a warm summer night drive and I couldn’t picture any better place to have a picnic with some clam cakes and chowder than under the shadow of the Point Judith Light. A local highlight to think about for clam cakes and chowder if you find yourself in the area is Iggy’s Doughboys & Chowder House , you may thank me later for that tip and it is real close by to the Point Judith Lighthouse.

Photography Details – Known for my longer exposure photography prints I have been on a vision quest to capture not only the mystical tranquil waters but also to photograph the action, motion and drama. I used a combination of Lee Filters using both graduated neutral density and full neutral density filters to lengthen my exposure time. My ISO was set at 125 and used f/6.3 with a 0.4 second exposure to capture but soften the water. If you are interested in learning more about seascape photography and expanding your skills around the sea and in post-processing, be sure to sign-up for my newsletter as I will be announcing workshops and one on one training during 2014.

Buy the Print – Be sure to look for this lighthouse photography art print for sale online both as a fine art print and a fine art gallery wrap, if you are looking for larger of more specific sizing please feel free to contact me directly with your interest.

Thanks for reading and taking a look at my work !

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