Do you see the light in everything you do

Seeing the light whether it is art, business and life

Looking into a dark space you see nothing but visualize everything – do you see the light in everything you do?

No matter what we do in life it’s important to see the light and to visualize and dream of the right path of discovery. Like life, I feel an important aspect of photography is not only visualizing what is in front of you both also what the final path or creation is.

Light is the foundation of everything when it comes to photography, finding the right light and understanding how to interpret that light leads to unlimited possibilities, but yet I feel there is more to that for me.

Life in the Middle - Seeing the light - Fine Art Photography

Life in the Middle – Seeing the light – Fine Art Photography

I just read an interesting blog by John C. Bader called “are you a light worker“, within the first sentence of the blog post he lured me right in. John asks the question what is so curious about light?

He also spoke about how within our mildly chaotic existence we take the rising and setting sun for granted.

Although I have not practiced meditation myself I truly understand the important part it plays within our own existence and self discovery. I’m a light worker in a sense, I can’t tell you the amount of times I stand alone on a beach basking in the beautiful rays and color of a sunrise and just want to scream do you see and feel this?

I recently was out photographing the sunrise with a good friend who also happens to be another photographer, I had captured some pre-dawn light photographs I was pleased with and made my way to the back of a hill where he was working the sunrise. The sky erupted in color and many would have scrambled to captured that sudden burst of energy, instead I stood with my tripod firmly grasped in my hand and said this is why I do what I do. I stood there and watched him take his final shots as the sunrise streaked across the sky like fingers pulling back the night in awe of the power and energy of the morning sun.

When you see the light in everything you do you feel determined in moving forward down the right path, whether that path is business, personal or even financial.

This fine art photographic print is called “Life in the Middle” and is now currently available in my fine art photographic gallery online.

About Ed King – Ed King is a dedicated fine art landscape photographer finding the most interesting and creative fine art prints of the New England coastline; enjoying life and living the coastal New England experience each and every day brings home more than just photographs.

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