Remember me for more than my footprints – The power of art

Can you feel a connection through the power of art?

Art has a tremendous and power connection to the soul, beautiful imagery can have an uplifting impact on your daily life if you can let yourself connect and relate.

Did you know that art is used and widely practiced by many professional therapists? The power of art is benefited on both sides of the canvas or photography print, those who immerse themselves in creating art as well as those appreciating it can feel empowered and inspired.

I know photography can trigger memories, many customers who purchase my landscape photography prints will usually say “I remember when” and that is the power of art. Whether it is remembering that coastal drive with our grandparents, or a fishing location shared with a parent, art has a way of reaching out and touching you when you connect with it.


Rhode Island Fine Art - Creating Powerful Art - the power of art

Remember me for more than just my footprints

Creating powerful art is not something one sets out to do, art has to reach out and touch the creator to  feel his or her own special connection. Developing a sense for creating powerful art is about soul searching and not ever snap of the shutter will have the same effect. As we develop and hone our skills as photographers we tend to search and explore more, we seem to take less pictures but those that we do tend to have that special meaning and connection.

My newest fine art print “Remember me for more than my footprints” I feel delivers both a powerful visual element within the photograph but the names opens up the possibilities to interpretation as well.

How do you interpret the name?

Can you feel a special connection with the loss of a loved one?

Remembering someone for more than just their footprints is something we all try to achieve and is much deeper than just leaving a home, money or car. How did you touch someones life today is what it means to me.

The fine art print for me feels like a lost soul, striving for acceptance and begging for remembrance.

Be well & happy – this fine art print is now available in my fine art gallery & be sure to sign up for our newsletter for new print releases, photography tips and 2014 workshop dates.



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