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Walking customer through the process of buying artistic prints online

When you set-out to buy art online you’re faced with many different choices, do you go the route of one of the bigger outlets online or go directly to the website of the artist?

Although I personally have accounts on a few of these larger sites, where it lacks for me is the customer connection.

I’ve sold prints on these big online art outlets and unfortunately, there I have no connection with the buyer. This really isn’t what my business model is about and not the reason I decided to sell my photographic art online, for me its about the art, explaining the art and customer interaction.

Buy Art Online

Buy Art Online

I enjoy sending an email thanking them for their purchase and staying in touch as I moved forward in the printing and shipping process; I track all my orders for delivery and usually follow back up in a week just to get their thoughts on the art they purchased.

As an independent artist I am able to keep my costs lower with no commission fees to payout and have more flexibility to work with clients to make sure they are able to purchase exactly what fits their needs.

When you buy art online it doesn’t have to be a scary experience!

Most reputable artists and photographers have active social media outlets for you to check on. There are not too many fly by night artists online and many put hours of dedication not only into producing their work but developing their online brand and persona.

The nice thing about buying art artist direct is you will usually be able to find the back story on their work. Many artists will blog posting detailing the thoughts, location and process that has gone into their work. I want my clients to not only have a beautiful print hanging on their wall, I want them to know where it was photographed, who produced it and any other details that they may be asked by friends or family.

3 Tips for buying art online

  • Do you know what the art really looks like? Think about color calibration, there are many low cost color calibrators on the market today and you will have a better look at the work you are purchasing.
  • Think about print size and framing options, are you looking to fill an existing frame or plan to buy a ready-made frame? Most artists and photographers can help you with this process and offer advice and options on getting your artwork or photography print properly framed.
  • Check on how the artist plans to package and ship their work. There is nothing worse than receiving artwork that is damaged or destroyed, although this can happen to anyone someone who is experienced in shipping art will detail exactly how your print should arrive.

So no matter whether you are purchasing a print for the home, or an art collection for office decor, do you homework and find an artist you can work directly with when buying art online.

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