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Yesterday I received an email and then a call from a potential client in Cape Cod interested in my Creative Fifty Two project, they quickly pointed out they have a fairly productive summer season and thought my Creative Fifty two project could help keep them through some dry spells during the heart of the winter.

My first question was what kind of social media and internet marketing do they currently have in place? It seems they are fairly active with promotion and not so active with engaging their clients. Whether or not they decide to move forward I offered some tips on engagement and getting regular interaction. I pointed out unique creative photography can help and adding a personal touch to the brand / business will make a huge difference. A combination of both with some work, note I said work, could be something that they find not only beneficial but they also may learn more about their clients interest.

The use of social media for crowd sourcing could not only get their customer excited and interested but finding out how they can better serve them will be key to future growth.

The next thing they mentioned is that the store looks a bit boring in their own pictures. I think we both had a good laugh at this point and I said if you decide to move forward I promise you that the store would be reflected in an interesting way. I would implement the use of light, texture, composition and color to really bring out the personality of not only the store but themselves (the owners) as well.

The 35 minute phone call ended up being more about their own social media experience and strategy and how a program like this could help that they couldn’t thank me enough for the advice. I’m pretty confident this will turn into a client as they have a need and feel like they could benefit from spending an hour or more with me at their own custom photo session.

About Ed King – Bristol, Rhode Island Photographer

Ed King is a Rhode Island Photographer with a solid 15 years of successful sales and marketing experience. Creative Fifty Two is a blend of experience, love and passion to help commercial photography clients capture their businesses in a unique and creative way through photography which can be shared online through social media and blogging. 

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